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Dark Roofs Housing Complex


Leveraging Technology and Building Communities

At Foundation Property Management we know the complexity of balancing your investment while creating a highly livable and enjoyable community. Since 2003 our professional and responsive team have been helping people like you with all of your condo management needs, from financial management to capital project management to day to day support ensuring your community has a strong backbone to thrive. Our sensitivity to your unique community comes from a single yet powerful perspective: Calgary is more than just a market, it’s our home.


  • Attend Board meetings, creating a “Management Report”. Please request a sample copy!

  • Prepare Notices for Annual General Meetings and mailings

  • Maintain Minute book and file necessary forms

  • Attend to queries and complaints by owners; maintain parking, storage and key registers

  • Provide Board of Directors with list of trades for emergencies although most of the time, the first call comes to us and we take care of the response.

  • Obtain maintenance quotes as required

  • Review insurance requirements and obtain quotations

  • Have joint signing authority on bank account, if required

  • Preparation of Caveats for unpaid condominium fees

  • Distribute notices by personally attending at property rather then email / mail where needed


  • Available on 24 hours emergency service

  • Enforce bylaw infractions

  • Hire, train and supervise employees of the Corporation

  • Arrange and schedule work / maintenance

  • Schedule preventative maintenance

  • Negotiate contracts

  • Inspect work by contractors, i.e. ensure lawns are cut regularly, snow is cleared and cleaning is completed (weekly, biweekly, monthly)

  • Provide information to realtors and purchasers as required to assist in sale

  • Respond to owner requests and questions

  • Implement policies approved by the Board, for example, pet issues

  • Bylaw compliance for approvals – signs, renovations (as per Board policy)


  • Collect monthly condominium contributions and special assessments

  • Arrange for automatic prepayment plan for condominium fees

  • Provide monthly operating statements including balance sheet, operating statement

  • Prepare budget for review by Board of Directors

  • Distribute budget to owners prior to next fiscal year

  • Review and pay invoices on a timely basis

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